Memory Lounge

Have your family elders recorded those stories they tell about the old days, how they met, life back then?
Capture the details about that intriguing ancestor or past event.
Get the story saved in a recording that can be preserved for the future.

For two days, Wagga Wagga’s Historic Council Chambers will be transformed into the Memory Lounge.

Book an appointment in the stately chambers where you can capture precious family stories from an elder in your life. Museum staff will take care of the recording itself, so you can focus on interviewing your loved one and getting the stories flowing. A professional oral historian will be available (if needed) to assist you to conduct an interview with your family elder.

Participants will be given a thumb drive containing the recordings of their interview.

  • Where: Museum of the Riverina’s Historic Council Chambers site (243 Baylis St)
  • When: 40 minute sessions by Appointment, Fri 27th and Sat 28th April, 2018
  • Bookings: Lock in a session for you and your relative below

Interview Tips

We look forward to working with you and your interviewee on the day, and we hope this helps you to capture some important memories and stories for the future.

A 40 minute session is actually very short for an oral history interview, but we hope it will be an important 'taster' and help you make a start towards recording your family history.

To prepare, you might like to read a few articles on how to undertake an oral History interview.
Here's a good list of tips, and 
Here's a much more in-depth explainer.

Use of recordings

The Memory Lounge exists primarily as a service to assist Wagga families to capture their histories. Museum of the Riverina may wish to keep a copy of the recording you make, for use in future research or exhibitions. You will be asked to sign paperwork granting Museum of the Riverina permission to do so upon the completion of your interview. All participants retain the right to opt out of this agreement.

Please note:

We will do our best to assist you but the Memory Lounge is not therapy. It is not advisable to use such a short interview session to interview people about highly sensitive or traumatic episodes from their lives.

Image: Antique Microphones by Carlos Pacheo, Flickr.